Welcome to Bob's Stuff
Bob's Stuff is a (usually) one-man game development venture started by Bob Smith in 2005 with the release of Stranded for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - a game originally written back in the late 1980's by the much younger teenage bedroom-coder version of myself. Despite being a professional programmer since 1994, and employed professionally in the games industry since 1996, I still find that I need another outlet for my programming ventures and games ideas, and this is it

I've now written 36 games in total - 18 for the ZX Spectrum, 14 for the ZX81, and 4 for iOS.  Some are original titles, some are conversions of modern titles from mobiles & consoles, and others are versions of games which were never available (or were really bad!) for the Sinclair machines back in their '80s hay-day

Follow the links below to browse all my games, read my blog, follow me on social media, or just say hello


All my games can now be found on Itch.io

This great site allows me to host all my games in one place, and frees me from the pain of HTML when I used to have to update this site to add a new game.  It also provides a simple & straightforward method of paying for content, without the delays of me having to personally handle each request
As well as my games I have a WordPress blog covering various aspects of 8-bit Z80 machine code, from the point-of-view of my experiences in writing games for the ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.  If you're interested in learning about coding for either of these machines, or curious of the methods used, head over and take a look.  I'm always happy to answer questions on my posts, and requests for future topics
In social-media circles, I'm most active on Twitter, although I'm not that active (I won't be flooding your news feed with cat pictures, or what I had for lunch)  Take a look for work-in-progress updates, polls, and retweets of things (mostly retro gaming related) which I find interesting, but don't expect political opinions and such like - it's about the games!  (Please don't be upset if I don't follow back - it's nothing personal, I just like to keep my news feed light)
I'm not a fan of Facebook - that's just me - but billions of people are, so I've a page on there also.  It isn't updated as regularly as Twitter, but does allow for longer-form posts when I do get around to it